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FAQs & More

Welcome to Boat Flooring Australia – Your Destination for Premium Boat Deck Flooring!


Boat Flooring Australia is dedicated to providing the highest quality, proven boat decking solutions. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade to your interior or exterior flooring, we offer bespoke solutions to fit your requirements. Our selection of exterior products features esteemed brands such as Seadek, the innovators of EVA flooring, Treadmaster, a durable, slip rated, commercial flooring system that is not affected by light amplification and Mdeck, an impressive alternative to Teak that offers repairability, improved cooling, personalization, reduced maintenance, and superior durability that outperforms traditional Teak.


What sets Boat Flooring Australia apart from the competition?

Our marine flooring products are known for their superior quality and durability compared to imitations that deteriorate in the sun. We have a range of interior and exterior flooring

How accurate is your templating system for boat flooring installations?

Our templating system is renowned for its precision, ensuring a perfect fit that exceeds industry standards and even outperforms professional installations.

What is SeaDek?

SeaDek is a superior alternative to marine carpet and traditional non-skid. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoor environment, SeaDek is made from UV-resistant closed-cell PE/EVA foam that will not absorb water, and provides exceptional traction when wet or dry, SeaDek’s shock absorbing qualities deliver maximum comfort on the water, the fishermen appreciate its sound-dampening properties. SeaDek is fully customizable and brings an aesthetically pleasing style to boats of all sizes.

How do I get custom-cut product?

You can begin your custom project by filling out our online ‘Quote Request Form’ or by emailing or calling us – we will need to know your boat make and model; the areas you are looking to cover (accompanied by photos); existing flooring; boat location; whether you require DIY or for us to template & install; phone & email.

Can you do custom logos?

Yes, we can cut logos and text. We can create custom designs based on an inspiration photo or when given an exact graphic file or font style.

Do you remove carpet?

The removal of carpet is unfortunately NOT a service we offer and is not accounted for in quoted prices.

Can SeaDek or Treadmaster to Plywood or Carpet?

Unfortunately no, SeaDek and Treadmaster cannot be applied to untreated plywood or carpet as it is an adhesive product. SeaDek and Treadmaster do not have the same capabilities as carpet and cannot be wrapped around plywood. All carpet and any residual glue need to be removed prior to the installation of SeaDek or Treadmaster.

Can I order a pre-cut flooring system without completing a DIY template?

No, we template every boat directly to ensure the perfect fit. We do not offer pre-cut flooring kits that are ‘one-size fits all’ for each boat make and model because every boat is different – Our digital templating system will create an accurate blueprint of your boat to create custom flooring that is fit to perfection.

Can I template my boat myself?

Yes, you can, BFA offers a Digital template system that is easy and accurate. More information can be found here

Do you offer a variety of thickness options for your marine flooring products?

Yes, we provide a range of thickness options to cater to different preferences and needs, allowing customers to choose the best option for their specific requirements. – Contact us to find out which material best suits your needs!

What other high-quality brands do you offer besides SeaDek?

In addition to SeaDek, we offer a curated selection of top-tier brands such as Treadmaster, Infinity, MDeck, Lonseal, and NautikFlor, providing customers with a diverse range of quality options to choose from. Click Here to Explore

How can your products and expertise enhance my boating experience?

By choosing our business, you can elevate your boating experience with exceptional products and industry-leading expertise that redefine the standards of marine flooring, ensuring long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal for your vessel.

Can you order SeaDek or Treadmaster without the adhesive backing?

No, SeaDek and Treadmaster cannot be ordered without the adhesive backing.

Can you provide a turn-around timeframe?

We can provide you with a turn-around time once we have all necessary details confirmed, we require; a quote to have been provided, colour choice confirmation and boat location details. The process can take anywhere from 2-5 days in-house to 2-3 weeks off-site, depending on job size, booking availability, colour availability travel requirements and/or shipping times.

What colors are available?

We offer a range of standard core colours – Click here to view our colour charts

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