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Treadmaster has been a top choice for anti-slip deck coverings for over 40 years. Made in the UK, our products offer excellent slip resistance, great quality, and good looks for various uses. Whether you choose the classic Diamond Pattern or the attractive Atlanteak, Treadmaster ensures your deck is safe, beautiful, and dependable under any circumstances.

SeaDek is the leading brand in marine flooring. SeaDek is known for its high quality and has been setting the standard in the industry for nearly 40 years. As the top supplier and installer of non-slip marine products, choosing SeaDek means you’re choosing reliability and quality. We are dedicated to outstanding customer service, ensuring your satisfaction and enhancing your boating experience with comfort and style.

Enjoy the luxurious look of wooden boat floors with NautikFlor, all at a lower cost and without the need for much maintenance. NautikFlor is specially made to handle the tough conditions at sea and are safe from rot, decay, and damage from water and wear, ensuring they last a long time. They are also easy to clean and can be polished to look new again! NautikFlor offers customizable options that can mimic traditional boat flooring and even include personalized logos or names. The installation process is straightforward, perfect for DIY projects, using a click system that simplifies fitting.

EcoDeck® introduces a groundbreaking nautical deck application that not only meets the rigorous standards of the yachting industry but also minimizes its impact on the environment. EcoDeck® is easy to repair, has long-lasting performance, is non-skid and has low maintenance costs make it an ideal choice. Our product is eco-friendly, crafted using renewable and solvent-free resins. Moreover, at the end of its life cycle, EcoDeck® can be recycled and repurposed for use in new products, completing the sustainable cycle.

With a remarkable legacy spanning over 50 years, Lonseal has been at the forefront of pioneering marine flooring designs. Our resilient surfaces are tailored to withstand the harsh sea conditions while providing both cost-effectiveness and an exhilarating experience for our valued clients. Offering an unparalleled variety of striking sound-dampening and cushioned-step surfaces, Lonseal takes pride in its dimensional patterns, time-tested in numerous successful installations, catering to every nautical flooring requirement.

Infinity revolutionized the flooring industry with the groundbreaking introduction of the first marine woven vinyl flooring – Luxury Woven Vinyl. Unmatched in its unique designs and dynamic performance, Infinity LWV has established itself as the ultimate brand in the market, renowned for its superior performance, durability, and beauty. Engineered to resist wear and fading and ensuring long-lasting visual appeal. The incorporation of antimicrobial technology enhances its performance, providing a hygienic and comfortable flooring experience.

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